There And Back Again

Nothing is more important than the try to make things possible who aren't possible. If you never try out, you will never know if the try was worth it..
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Cas in season NEIN is portrayed like a horny teenager who seems totally awkward and out of place. It’s not the Cas we love anymore, it’s the frantic try to fit him into the human world, by letting him do everything “a normal guy does” in fast motion. It’s embarrassing. It’s unworthy of the character Castiel, that we got in season 4.

Form   someone on tumblr. I agree on everything. I couldn’t find better words. Thak u and fuck the writers. (via pureinnocent-castiel)

I mean.. 


Asker allfordean Asks:
Next episode's January 14th. Yeah. Yeah we have to wait that long. After that shitty episode. Thank you, Spn. -_-
piichen87 piichen87 Said:

Woho.. OMG.. thats too long. Especially after this crap from yesterday. 

Can someone please bring him back to this show? 
I mean since he is gone, I have no idea where this show is going but somehow it makes me sad, because in some moments it feels like the new writers have no clue about what they talking. Demon crap. Angel crap. Some hunting crap. Than some episodes to fill something. I mean, hello? 
I was expecting more, because this should be the next to last season. 
I have no idea whats coming next, and first of all I was one of the people who said we don’t need Edlund. He is not the show. But now I have to say, he was more than just a writer. He was able to feel with the fans, the fandom and somehow I think the new writers have no idea about us. The consumers and the things we are able to do. Because I mean, WE are the reason this show is this great. Aren’t we? So why do I have this feeling that this new writers sit there and amuse oneself about us?

And by the way - Can someone tell me when the new episode is going to come? 

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SGP Hinterzarten 2013 

Summer Grand Prix Hinterzarten 2013
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Summer Grand Prix Hinterzarten 2013 
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Summer Grand Prix Hinterzarten 
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Summer Grand Prix Hinterzarten
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Summer Grand Prix Hinterzarten 
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Summer Grand Prix Hinterzarten 
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Summer is so damn knocking on my door…

And so fast is time running. On thursday we will drive to Hinterzarten. Summer Grand Prix is starting. I am not that excited. More bored. I don’t like too much people around me and Hinterzarten is a crazy, boring town, full of crazy people. The weather forecast looks nice. But thats no promise in Hinterzarten. The last years it changed so fast, crazy as I said. I hope for some familiar faces and fun. Friday will be a looong days, because of the ladies and the men trainings and the first comp for the ladies in the evening. I am really looking forward on the Youth Cup on saturday. Those kids are always exciting. 

So lets start packing…

It is the one hug you needfor 4 seconds to make youforget that day. It is this voice that makes yournervousness and anxietyfeel like calmness. Those two eyes,who work like a key thatthat unlocks all the doors in you. The walls you built upbecause you were so afraidof feeling this sadness again, and you built them up higher, higer than Mount Everestand deeper than Mariana Trench. Hoping that either someonewill climb the clouds with youor drown in darknesscloser to hell than anyone else.. 

It is the one hug you need
for 4 seconds to make you
forget that day. 

It is this voice that makes your
nervousness and anxiety
feel like calmness. 

Those two eyes,
who work like a key that
that unlocks all the doors in you. 

The walls you built up
because you were so afraid
of feeling this sadness again, 
and you built them up higher, 
higer than Mount Everest
and deeper than Mariana Trench. 

Hoping that either someone
will climb the clouds with you
or drown in darkness
closer to hell than anyone else.. 

And again.. 
Packing for Villach.
We will drive tomorrow night, because of the heat and the holiday traffic. Can’t wait to be back in Villach and this time the weather forecast looks really like summer. So let’s hope for some nice, sunny days, good photos and a relaxed journey. 

The highways are calling <3 

Merthur means “destiny” in the dragons’ tongue..