7 days..

I don’t understand how time can run so fast. Just 7 days to go and than I’m back in Villach. I mean today in one week I’m already there, enjoy two days of mountains, hiking, shopping and outdoor activities, before there will be on saturday and sunday the start in the new Austria Cup season. What I still don’t understand, is the fact that after 6 years of coming to this place, it still feels like waiting for christmas. It is just amazing. I know so many places to stay and nearly everything, but I ‘m still freakin out, when it’s just one week to go. Guess after all this years of travelling I really got insane ;) 

So one week, means there is more than enough time for collecting the stuff I need, and to do the housework, I mean - yeah time is running really fast, but sometimes I wish I just could skip some days. 

Waiting sucks so much…